Is Kangen Water a Hoax? Get The Facts

Kangen Water Hoax

Kangen water is a type of alkaline water that has become increasingly popular in recent years. But is it really worth the hype and cost? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Kangen water is, the science behind it, and whether or not it’s actually a hoax.

What Is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is an alkaline ionized water created using a Kangen water machine. It has become popular among wellness enthusiasts because of the potential health benefits associated with drinking alkaline water. But what exactly are these benefits and is there any scientific evidence to back them up? Let’s explore further…

What are the benefits of Kangen Water?

Some proponents claim that drinking Kangen water can help balance out your body’s pH levels, resulting in increased energy levels, improved digestion, better nutrient absorption, and more balanced moods as well as many other potential health benefits such as weight loss and reduction of inflammation. However, these claims have yet to be backed up by significant scientific evidence so far, due to a lack of studies.

The Science Behind Kangen Water

In order to fully understand the implications of drinking Kangen water, let’s take a look at how it’s made and what scientists say about the potential health benefits associated with drinking alkaline ionization water:

How is Kangen Water made?

Kangen Water is made using a Kangen water machine called a water ionizer, tap or filtered fresh source (ground) moisture passes through electrodes that are charged with electric current by generator coils powered by DC electricity or AC electricity adjusted by rectifier circuits within the unit itself (similar to how batteries work). During this process the positive (+) and negative (-) ions exchange places – which causes electrolyzed oxidation reduction (EOR) reactions inside the acid side chamber tank on one end And an alkalizing reaction inside the alkali side chamber on other end producing two distinct outputs: acidic p H liquid on one end -and- Alkali pH liquid on other end connected together via electrical wires going both ways through pipes making contact electrodes immersed in liquid inside tanks causing hydrogen gas bubbles formation – responsible for antioxidant feature attributed to kangen products; a natural form of hydroxyl radical cleanse agent acting like detergent for smooth skin sensation when used for body wash applications & sometimes attributed erroneously as oxygenated/charged/activation /infused/enhanced even over saturated solutions mistakenly claimed by some promoters who promote non certified installations possibly being mislead not understanding actual facts …believing any power source applied generates extra oxygen! Not true! Only solar panels powering ionizers bring true benefit of extra Oxygen into Waters.. Anyway…

What are the health benefits of drinking alkaline water?

It has been suggested that drinking alkaline ionized may improve overall health by reducing inflammation in body tissues, balancing pH levels in cells and bodies fluids, preventing diseases caused by oxidative stress such as cancer and diabetes; boosting metabolism burning fat faster; aiding digestion; improving skin complexion; increasing energy levels; helping detoxify heavy metals from your body system; eliminating bad breath & odors from body perspiration activities including urine & stool discharges while flushing out toxins from Organs glands & blood vessels having internal cleaning effects found helpful for those seeking lifestyle changes determined to improve their wellbeing naturally without resorting to medications seeking healthier lifestyles free of harsh chemical substances found sometimes used against common sense rationale lacking ethical standards when operating outside published professional protocols acceptable worldwide exposing public consumers unprotected if not attentive when buying suspicious products untested undisclosed new solutions disguised as miracle cures unproven magical promises promoted never observed scientifically under lab controlled settings benefitting only marketing strategies instead of bringing true relief for many suffering ailments related with modern day stressful situations further exasperated due improper choices or lack information mistakes done mostly unintentionally because misled guided wrong either voluntarily fueled personal ambitions convinced believing something different than reality unaware consequences generated post purchase decisions usually noticed right away when invested money lost counting personal losses feeling remorse caused emotional distress hard recover even full refunds too late settling scores tarnishing reputations affecting directly politically involved stakeholders leading often cause market corrections pushing industry regulations designed protecting rights business citizens located geographically wide spread ending harming innocent bystanders attempting fraud schemes cheating trusting customers creating cynicism spreading doubts promoting general suspicion negatively impacting industry reputation leaving frustrated