Is Kangen Water a Scam or The Real Deal

Is Kangen Water a Scam or the Real Deal?

Many of us keep hearing praises abut Kangen water from our friends and family. But what’s really up with all the Kangen water hype? In this article, we’ll dive deep into what makes Kangen Water so special and examine if it is able to deliver on its supposed health properties.

What In The Heck Is Kangen Water?

Kangen Water is essentially water that’s been processed through an advanced electrolysis machine manufactured by Enagic, a Japanese company. The process involves splitting regular tap water into two streams – one acidic and one alkaline – via electrolysis.

The alkaline stream is then further filtered to remove impurities and minerals before being placed into containers for consumption. It’s worth noting that while the pH level of Kangen Water ranges from 8.5-9.5, which makes it slightly more alkaline than regular tap water (which typically has a pH level of 7), it does still contain oxygen molecules in order for it to be effective.

How Does It Work?

The higher link between the pH levels of Kangen Water and oxygen molecules means that it can provide better hydration and detoxification compared to regular tap water. This is because oxygen helps flush out toxins from the body quite quickly when consumed by balancing out bodily PH levels within minutes after ingestion. Additionally, since Kangen Water contains fewer minerals than normal tap sources, it can prove to be easier on your digestive system with fewer issues related to bloating when you take it regularly over time.

Kangen Water also includes powerful antioxidants which help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals in your environment as well as reduce inflammation throughout your body – both of which could lead to more optimal health and wellbeing when taken consistently over time if its purported health benefits live up to their expectations in real life scenarios..

Potential Benefits Of Drinking Kangen Water

When looking at people’s accounts about their experience with consuming Kangen Water and loving it, many folks report positive results across the board with increased energy levels upon drinking along with improved digestive health when taken multiple times per day due to how quickly it flushes out toxins from their bodies due to its enhanced pH level compared with traditional drinking sources such as bottled or faucet sourced liquids..

Furthermore, customers rave about how cost effective these machines are when taking into consideration the long term running costs associated with purchasing/owning these products; Aside from needing replacement filters & other components every now & again – most machines only require very minimal maintenance & upkeep in order to function optimally over extended periods of usage – so they may be wise investments if you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable way of providing premium quality ionized/alkaline drinking water at home without having break bank doing so.

Research Needed To Confirm Health Claims Conclusively

Despite all these potential advantages associated with using an Enagic machine however – one must be aware that there are still some potential drawbacks worth considering prior purchase; aside from needing proper care & maintenance in order maintain optimal performance over time (e.g ensuring all parts are cleaned regularly etc.), one must remember that a lot more research still needs done conclusively prove any long-term effects on our general wellbeing from ingesting supercharged liquids like kangen as opposed just believing anecdotal evidence alone…

So, Is Kangen Water Just A Scam?

To round off then based on our analysis performed throughout this post – we feel confident recommending Enagic’s range products suitable alternative options for those seeking high quality alkaline/ionized drinking solutions without having incur excessive overhead costs incurred usually associated with buying bottled versions elsewhere… Despite still needing more testing done exhaustively test any legitimate claims made regarding its purported health benefits, kangen water could still be worth considering as an option if you’re looking for an easy way improve overall wellbeing cheaply over extended periods same maybe even potentially capitalize on specific therapeutic properties attributed towards newer iterations available online today!