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95% of Americans value water over any other service they receive, including heat, air-conditioning, electricity, internet, cell phone,  and cable TV.   Over 80% of residents in our area believe water is the biggest challenge facing the prosperity of our region. 

Water….is a big deal.

What can you do to help address our water issues?  How can you save money doing it?  How can you have fun along the way?  Welcome to DCWater.org.  We’re happy you’re here,  We’re happy you’re involved in water issues.  We’re happy you care about having  water for generations to come.


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“How to” save water and save money.  It’s Easy!

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Rotary Sprinkler Nozzle Results

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URS Final Report on Rural Water Feasibilty Level Investigation


DCWRA Consolidation with
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at December 31, 2013

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